• 500kW
    Typical Wet Stacking 500kW Load bank
  • Automatic
    Typical Wet Stacking 200kW Load bank
  • server room load bank
    Typical Wet Stacking 1000kW Load bank
  • HACA Control Panel
    Typical Wet Stacking Control Panel

When a generator is run on a low load of say less than 35% a problem called Wet Stacking will quickly occur and the genset will start to fail.

The HACA range of load banks are designed to supplement the load running on a genset to overcome any Wet Stacking issues. The ability to automatically maintain a healthy load on the genset is provided by an internal PLC control system, which also provides the option to run the load bank in manual mode to complete any 100% maintenance load testing.

Typical operating voltages are 1phase 120-240V AC, 3 phase 220V, 380V, 415V, 480V

Typical power ratings cover from 10kW to 1500kW

Product datasheets are available online and detail the specifications and operational features for the HACA range.

Optional extras


ime nemo digital power meter

The panel mounted digital power meter displays line volts, phase volts, line current, power and frequency.