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      DC BATTERY_loadbank Range

      DCA EF
    • Varicon loadbanks
       HAV DC loadbanks
      The Varicon load bank range provides high powered portable automatic current controlled DC battery testing load banks. Available ranges are from 12V to 650V DC up to 400A
    • Low cost
       Low cost load banks
      The HBN range provides a low cost naturally cooled solution for DC battery testing. Available ranges are from 12V to 130V DC and up to 500A.
    • Dual Voltage
       hld load banks
      The HLB, HLD & HPB ranges offer a dual voltage high powered solution to portable load bank testing. Available ranges are from 12V to 520V DC up to 4000A
    • DC - Varicon
      The Hillstone DC software app Varicon allows PC data logging of the battery discharge test , when connected to any compatible DC load bank via TCP/IP running Windows 7 or 8 Operating System.
    • Application Note 2 Discharge testing is the approved method to determine the capacity of Lead acid and (Nickel Cadmium) Ni Cad/Ni Cd batteries, as recommended by all battery manufacturers such as Enersys, Exide, CD Technologies, Hawker, Yuasa, Exide, Hoppecke, Saft, Varta, and in accordance to BS6290 part 4 / IEC TR 62060.